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What We Do



TCST’s work is designed to support
community-members by intervening after 
a violent act and preventing further violence before it happens. These services include:

Incident Response: Providing support for victims and witnesses after a violent act occurs.

Victim Advocacy: Providing a wide range of resources to aid survivors in healing and recovery.

Safe Passage: Creating a safe environment in an around schools.

Public Safety Roundtables: Facilitating public discussions with community members, public officials, and key stakeholders on violence prevention strategies and responses

Community Walks: Walking neighborhoods with key decision makers and community members to address block-by-block issues

Referral Services: Connecting participants to a vetted network of service providers in the region.


Relationship Based Approach

We use a Relationship-Based
approach to:

Build support for community members to resolve disputes

Support individuals and families in healing from trauma

Inspire those that want to take
responsibility for the well-being of their


TCST services are available for the
entire city of Trenton 

Our Staff include: 

  • ​Mental health professionals, providing counseling and referral services.

  • High Risk Interventionists trained in mediation and defusing potential violence.

  • Outreach Workers connecting residents with support and services.

  • Safe Passage providers,
    ensuring safety at school
    arrival and dismissal.

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Services We Provide: Services
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