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Trenton Community Street Team 
Youth Amplification Grant Awardeees

Men for Hope       Karma Family     IreeSky    Lavish Picnics     Hawwah Community Cleans

Trenton Makes Athletic Center       Riot Associates        ANU Beginnings Mentorship      RICH                         Agape Healing Inc.     Brolic art Ink       City Goods and Services

Water Water Inc      Empowerment House        Freedom Skate Park   J&J Logistics

Hearts Matter     Jaysons Way Grief Recovery     Howard Healthy Choices    L3arn To 3arn          Trenton Talks         Visionary Philanthropy Group        North Trenton Ladies Association                James R Halsey Foundation of the Arts            Global Youth Transformation Initiative

With the support of TCST, Isles, and Building A Better Way For Trenton, these grassroots organizations will be playing a vital role within the Public Safety Ecosystem by creating programs, projects, and initiatives geared towards young adults (ages 10-18) that focuses on both violence reduction and community building in the city of Trenton.

Working with youth to reduce violence is vital for our community's overall health and wellness. It fosters positive change and provides a foundation for a safer and more prosperous Trenton.

Small Grants Recipients March 2024: About
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